Our Mission

Our mission is quite simple – “excellence”.

Over three decades of working with leaders in the construction industry (and as direct client contact for challenging projects) our team has learned valuable lessons:

Achieving excellence in the construction industry requires more than just talent, materials and effort – it requires clear communications.

JAC has founded a company on this simple principle and applied it with outstanding results. We strive to begin every working relationship with clear communications (and maintain it throughout the course of the entire project).  Every project.  Every Relationship.


To operate and execute our work at a level which exceeds the expectations of our clients and industry, through:

  • Communication – equipping everyone who interacts with our company to benefit from, recognize and appreciate our talent for the pursuit of excellence;
  • Knowledge – possessing an industry recognized command of all trade practices, regulations and legal implications (with any trade related certifications, licenses and insurances);
  • Enthusiasm – sharing our passion for construction methodology, quality work, sustainable products and innovative materials;
  • Our Actions – demonstrating our preparedness for challenging schedules, complex scopes of work and world-class craftsmanship;
  • Integrity – making clear commitments, documenting them and honoring them; and,
  • Awareness – recognizing that our commitment of excellence is a promise to ourselves, our clients and employees (our financial success relies on it).
  • Empowerment – openly expressing our ideas, principles, products, services and so that our interactions empower others to make the best decisions.

There are many talented craftsman and contractors to choose from in New England, so we genuinely appreciate our clients and your interest in our services.  We are grateful to continue thriving in such a challenging economy – through great relationships and projects.  Thank you.

We continue to execute every opportunity with the same hallmark enthusiasm and clarity which have allowed us to achieve elite status in our industry.