Design & Consulting

[JAC Designs]

Though we have great relationships with some of the region’s most capable architects, we also have an in-house architectural design team – we are able to respond swiftly to all client design and feasibility needs.

  • Residential Designs (new construction & additions)
  • Home Flipping Analysis (one and two family dwelling cost studies)
  • Commercial Tenant Fit-Outs (as-builts and proposed use)
  • Commercial Project Cost Feasibility Analysis (land development, distressed property revitalization)
  • Project Management Consulting (over $150M in various design, negotiation, contract management and project management experience)

Whether it is a Residential Design or Commercial Shop Drawings/Submittals, our design team not only has the knowledge to properly execute the necessary documents, we are able to design with a keener sense of budgetary realities.

As the contractor performing the work, we are most equipped to design (or modify the design process) to most accurately achieve a desired budget.

[JAC Consulting]

As a consultant we come to the table with a balanced respect for the work of all parties involved (owner, investor, architect, developer, contractor and subcontractor).

Our expertise and knowledge is a result of over 30 years in the construction industry (performing every role along the way – including that of developer/investor).

Whether we are hired to execute the work OR simply advise and identify the most feasible way to have your parties execute the work themselves, we apply the same level of attention to detail (which has become our hallmark of “excellence”).