Real Estate Investment

We are distressed property revitalization experts and construction developers.

Whether our client is BUYING or SELLING, we offer practical and useful solutions to facilitate a confident transaction.

We have addressed each of the many problems which arise when attempting to exploit this ever-changing (uncertain) real estate market.

Real Estate Transactions in this economy do not have to be risky, adventurous or difficult.  With our knowledge of construction and real estate investment, we help our clients convert any potential real estate transaction into a “wise investment”.  We have helped many clients assess the feasibility of securing a property and achieving their aim with it (or gathering the information to help a client realize when a given property is actually a bad investment).

Please contact us to discuss any real estate property you may be considering. We will work with you and your real estate professionals to make sure that every piece of the puzzle is satisfied, so you can transact on a piece of real estate with the knowledge that it will be everything you expect it to be (as an investment).


Below is a list of some common challenges surrounding Real Estate Investment in this post-recession market.

  • Clean Title / Foreclosures:  Because of a sub-prime mortgage boom and some poor foreclosure practices by some lenders, certain properties can be in the posession of a lender but still be subject to some legal action by the foreclosed borrower.  Until a new buyer can discern that the foreclosure, betterment and/or other leins have been absolved completely, even the most seemingly affordable piece of property can end up costing much more than anticipated (or even result in a surrender from delayed legal action).  Verifying a Clean and Clear Title is of paramount importance (particularly with foreclosures).
  • Financing: Lenders require different down payments, personal financial qualification criteria and appraisal values (even a business plan), depending on the property type and intended use.  For complex projects or investment properties, it pays to have someone who knows what subtle modifications or conditions to the property can improve or impeded eligibility.  JAC, Inc. deals with third parties, owners who are willing to offer seller financing, and we have even offered joint venture projects to resolve project financing.
  • Lead Paint / Asbestos: The E.P.A. has
  • Structural & Mechanical:  We are licensed to assess these components.  Residential Home Inspectors, though useful and informative, do not have the expertise that we have.  Being aware of a buildings flaws is important.  Knowing what the cost of resolving those flaws (and the cost for any proposed alternative) is a service we provide above and beyond a “Home Inspection”.
  • Rental Market: Rent boils down to two simple things:  Location & Amenities.  We can’t relocate a piece of property (actually we can, it just isn’t typically a prudent financial decision), but we can itemize a complete list of potential improvements and amenities.  When we provide this list, we also provide the associated cost/income benefits and help our clients select the best return on invesment (specific to each unique property – there is no “one size fits all” solution).  Through this analysis we also gather rental information (availability and price) in order to give your rental property the best chance at standing out from other rentals.  Seasonal, Monthly or Commercial – it all boils down to Location & Amenities.
  • Appraisal Values:  With so many foreclosures, short sales and homeowners abandoning properties (or negotiating a great deal in this economy), the ability to obtain a favorable 3rd party appraisal can be challenging.  All appraisals are based on similar properties in the area, using the quantity of bedrooms, bathrooms, garage stalls as a baseline.  The size of a property lot has very little to do with an appraisal based on these specific property comparisons.
  • Land:  Zoning requirements becoming more stringent.  Even when the potential to subdivide (“parcel out”) a property exists, those parcels have to pass a

NOTE – Exclusive Special Offers: With the cooperation of Real Estate Professionals and Select Sellers, we have pre-packaged attractive opportunities for JAC, Inc. clients.  These packaged opportunities can be viewed in our NEWS section, under REAL ESTATE.  Anyone can contact us (through their real estate agent or directly) to give us specific property search information.  We will hunt with you or for you…and we validate the worthiness of projects we recommend.


  • Simply put: We know what Buyers are looking for and how to attract them.  We can help buyers visualize how purchasing your advertised property will be a wise investment or good value.

NOTE – PROPERTIES ALWAYS WANTED: We work with investors and buyers with a specific set of purchasing and development interests.  If you have a parcel of land, a “for sale by owner” or a distressed property that you would like to make more attractive through design, engineering, and “packaging” for the general public (or just to our exclusive network of buyers/investors), please contact us to discuss it.


Our fees differ for buyers and sellers.  In either case we are just as creative about establishing a deferred fee schedule as we are about making a property more attractive for either party.  Our deferred fee is a device by which we put our money where our mouth is.  We’re right about the investment property consulting advice that we render or we don’t get paid.